Sunday, July 10, 2011

Its Camille's fault

Hello e'rybody.

I know everyone is wondering what Camille has been up to latly... well...Camille has been in a deep deep slumber. I recently moved her to Brooklyn and shes still settling, not to mention all the adventures we went on last year- it really took the wind outta her.

I hope this year she will be a little more productive. She has been slacking off considerably since our return from Europe and i gather shes just beginning to get out of her slump.

Although our trip to europe exhausted our little friend she has promised me that shes full of new ideas for this year.

So keep a look out eh? we dont want to disappoint her... we all know how grumpy she can get ;)

with as much love as always,

Jules and C.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Year New Camille

Things are changing.
i feel it in the air.

Camille and i are gonna go around the world for a while soon.
it shall be glorious...
ill keep you posted with all the news i get, and we'll try to keep it daily.

mucho gusto
and amour

a demain
and c-dawg